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Contact details

You can contact us at:

Maldon District Council,
Directorate of Community Services,
Princes Road,
Essex CM9 5DL

T 01621 854477/876275
F 01621 852575
M 07960 168859


What is it ?

FitSteps is a health walking scheme for Maldon and south Chelmsford area,
set up bu the Walking for Health Initiative (WfH) and supported by Maldon
district Council and Provide Community Services enterprise. The scheme also
works with government bodies and community groups including Essex County
Council, Rural Community Council of Essex,Maldon Council for Voluntary Services,
Maldon Mind, Maldon Carers as well as local health and walking organisations.

All FitSteps walks are
FREE and you can also attend 'Heart and Sole' and
'Wellbeing' walks by affiliated schemes in Chelmsford and Braintree. In
partnership with other community groups, FitSteps organises longer
country walks, historical and nature walks, orienteering trails, green-gym
events and walking festivals.

Why walk ?

Regular walking can help:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce cholesterol levels
  • reduce effects of diabetes
  • strengthen bones/joints
  • manage weight
  • reduce stress/depression

Ideally, you should aim to do 30 minutes of activity, 5 days a week. Shorter
bouts of 10 minutes or more during the day are beneficial. You can also use
step counter.

However, to benefit from the scheme, you will need to walk slightly faster than
you would normally, but at a pace you can hold a conversation. Adults of all
ages are welcome but especially if you are recovering from illness or surgery.

Walking is a perfect activity for health because:

  • almost everyone can do it
  • you can do it anywhere and at any time
  • it's a chance to make new friends
  • it's free and you don't need special equipment
  • you can startslowly and build up gently

How do I join ?

You need to complete a health questionnaire, available from the Walks
Co-ordinator, Walk Leaders or online, from this website. If you are unsure
whether you will be able to cope with the effort, you can ask your doctor
for advice/consent. Although you do not need any special equipment, you
should have suitable footwear/clothing for the conditions, sunscreen, water
and own medication.

Fitsteps publications

Fitsteps, publishes promotional material such as newsletters, leaflets and posters
for distribution directly and through Tourist Information Centres. The material is also
available at many annual events in the area attended by the Walks Co-ordinator and
the team of volunteers. In addition, Fitsteps publishes a range of health notes
relevant to walking.


An A5 poster based on original artwork and printed in colour on 90gms white paper
is available plain (free) or laminated (at cost).


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